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Management team
    Sinwayc gather a number of years of RFID industry experience of senior management personnel, can develop in the automatic identification technology research and development direction to promote RFID applications in various fields and upgrade the company's operating management, set up the company's core competitiveness and maintain the company in the RFID industry's dominant position. We firmly believe that the joint efforts of U.S. companies be able to go further

R&D center Inc
    Sinwayc has a complete RFID technology team, R&D personnel are engaged in the RF technology for many years of research and analysis of high-frequency circuits talents. Research and development in RFID technology and design have a long-term perspective. Be able to grasp the development direction of RFID technology and markets. Able products in the market for the company's applications embody its own advantages. Further promote the development of RFID technology. RF technology for applications in China to provide more reliable guarantee.

Marketing Center
    Sinwayc recruit a number of science and technology to engage in sales of RFID industry elite, they have rich experience in the application of RFID products and the provision of RFID industry solutions. Be able to provide customers with good quality products and services trust with their help, our customers can perfect solution RFID application problems. Our aim to resolve customer issues, both sides realize a win-win situation.
RFID Program Advisory Center
    Sinwayc technology in different industries and companies have established a strategic partnership, and strive to use RFID technology to various industries in the area, to RFID technology and civilian industrial real, and our aim: to do a better service provider RFID program


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