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Aug  2012      Sinwayc developed13.56MHz USB interface card reader. Mainly used in medical industry.
Oct  2012      Sinwayc Launched jewelry industry application of RFID radio frequency card reader series.
Dec  2012      Sinwayc developed applied for the books and records management on high-frequency channels of RFID reader.
Feb  2013     Sinwayc launched UHF long distance reader, which are widely used in vehicle identification industry.
Apr  2013      Sinwayc developed accurate recognition rate, high sensitivity, strong stability of UHF four antenna reader.
June 2013      Sinwayc launched industrial-grade UHF handheld reader , with stable performance.
Aug  2013      Sinwayc Cooperated with Ricoh, development and application office software the RFID card reader.
Oct  2013      Sinwayc launched UHFgate reader&writer, widely used in the financial, electric power industry.
Dec  2013      Sinwayc launch of UHF bluetooth reader&writer.
Mar  2014      Sinwayc develop RFID office software system. Mainly for the office print authorization, confidential.
May  2014      Sinwayc cooperate with HID company, main developping RFID read&write device applied to office system.
Aug  2014      Sinwayc develop Introduced integration in tablet RFID read&write device, mainly for industry customers.
Dec  2014      Sinwayc launch a personnel positioning of the read/write device and software system.
Mar  2015      Sinwayc develop UHF channel, library application products


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