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Sinwayc group is located in a beautiful city Shenzhen; consist of Sinway Industry (HK) Co, Ltd, Shenzhen Sinway Communication Technology Co, Ltd.
Sinwayc group concentrate on RFID products research and develop, and automatic identification technology application and promotion.
Shenzhen Sinway Communication Technology Co., Ltd mainly take charge of RFID reader and writer device research, production and sales, mainly products include 125KHz, 134.2KHz, 13.56MHz and 860~960MHz frequency, the products conform ISO7816, ISO11784/5, ISO14443, ISO15693, ISO18000-6B/6C etc international standard protocols.
Shenzhen Sinway Communication Technology Co, Ltd as a enterprise have Completely independent intellectual products in RFID industry, go through many years accumulation of product development and industry application experience, currently, company has multiterm RFID patent technology and software copyright, the main technical indicators of products have reached or exceeded the international level of similar products, and has a unique innovation in the design and function. Company products have won the United States FCC certification, European CE/ETSI certification, and China will WuWei CMII certification.
Company's RFID reader&writer device has been successfully applied to the government, enterprises, schools, military fields. Widely used in logistics, education, ports, steel, tobacco, manufacturing, and transportation industry. And also for books and archives management, alcohol anti-counterfeiting, animal husbandry and meat source, asset tracking, logistics and supply chain, motor vehicles, clothing, and other fields provides high-performance RFID product solutions.
The company condensed a management team and r&d team with many years experience in RFID industry, we adhere to the idea of science and technology for this, the customer is supreme", with perfect technical service and comprehensive solutions provide the optimal, the best and fastest services to the domestic and foreign users.


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